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Chinese Commemoration Week

Welcome to the Inaugural Chinese Commemoration Week, a poignant and historic event, held in the same year as 80th anniversary of the Normandy Landings. As our nation unites to honour the extraordinary achievements of those who valiantly fought on these hallowed grounds in 1944, we also seize this occasion as a collective opportunity for all residents of our esteemed nation to joyously celebrate the profound spirit of unity and reverently reflect upon the indelible sacrifices made by our predecessors, which have granted us the cherished gift of freedom we presently cherish. As we gather here, we pay tribute to the profound and often untold contributions of the Chinese people during two of the most significant conflicts in modern history: World War I and World War II.

This week-long commemoration holds a special place in our hearts, as we remember the unwavering resolve and sacrifices of Chinese men and women who played vital roles in shaping the destiny of Europe during these global conflicts. Through exhibitions and other engaging activities, we will shine a spotlight on the indomitable spirit of those who journeyed far from home to defend freedom and justice. The Chinese community residing in the United Kingdom stands with great pride, assuming an integral role and assuming leadership responsibilities in this momentous event, as we collectively embrace and commemorate this historic milestone.

Join us on this remarkable journey through history, as we bridge cultures and generations to honour the heroes who, side by side with their Allied comrades, helped secure the legacy of peace and liberty we cherish today. The Chinese Commemoration Week stands as a testament to our shared past, a celebration of unity, and a commitment to a future where the lessons of history guide us toward a more harmonious world.

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